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Sunflower Owl Plush Doll


This baby owl is looking for a loving and forever home! Shower him in kindness, love, and sweet potatoes and he will adore you forever.

Please note that no two plushies will look EXACTLY the same, which means that you can be sure to own a unique one of a kind plushie! There may be some irregularities found on the plushies. There also could be some unevenness found on the embroidery and the clothes. 


♡ Sunflower Owl baby is around 8 inches tall (20 cm). 

♡ This sweet boy always has a smile on his face. He loves warm hugs, sunny days, and eating tasty sweet potatoes.

♡ Very smol, but very powerful. He will protecc you from them demons.

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Christopher Lopez

Sunflower Owl Plush Doll

Arina Yuldasheva
My beloved !!

Please this plushie is so adorable!! Literally the best thing ever!! I will stare at him forever and ever now!! The quality is amazing, all in all, Rengoku is beyond stunning!! I will cherish him and love him hehe!!


Despite not shipping to the EU I managed to get him here with the help of a friend! He’s super cute and very soft, sadly I think the people opened the package midway through and the letter that came with it was bent on all sides, otherwise! I love him sm and I’ll most likely bring him with me everywhere

Selene Hall
100% worth the wait

It took almost a month for my babies to get to me but as soon as they showed up today my expectations were exceeded.

Rengoku and the others I bought were EXTREMELY soft and good quality, despite the fact that Rengoku’s sword band was slightly frayed I still adore him.

I was also delightfully surprised when I realized Rengoku came with little shoes!! Waiting for almost a year for international shipping to open plus the month wait was WORTH ALL OF IT Thank you Maggie for these wonderful babies! ❤️‍🔥

5 stars

My sister love it. Super high quality