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Orange Creamsicle Fatgum Ita Bag

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The inspiration behind this concept comes from ice cream! Ice cream is my all time favorite dessert, so I wanted to find a way to combine it with the cutest and sweetest hero team!!

Fatgum is a orange creamsicle float, Suneater is black raspberry ice cream, and Red Riot is raspberry ice cream. The ice cream keychains are NOT INCLUDED with the ita bag. 

The Fatgum Ita bag is 18.5 x 16.5 x 6 inches and it includes...

♡ 2 zipper compartments

 clear panel to display pins and plushies

 2 hooks in the bag

♡ pink lining on the inside

♡ silver heart shaped zippers

 ♡ fun fact: you can fit 15 strawberry shortcake Shotos inside the ita bag!

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Customer Reviews

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Garah Bailey

I love it
It great quality definitely bigger then I thought it would it be
And I finally have a place to display my MHA keychains and pins


Not only is it incredibly high quality, but it’s big enough to fit everything I need to take with me to places like uni and then some! It’s super cute and paired with the Kiri and Tamaki ice cream keychains it makes an adorable set!! Super happy I managed to get one, my new favourite bag that I’m going to take with me everywhere!! 💖💖💖


I'm literally so in love with this. It's my first ever ita bag but I already know it's so top tier. The material feels amazing and high quality and the design is SO CUTE. I also really love the peachy creamy color. Not neon but definitely not just an off-white either- definitely a satisfying color! The straps are detachable, it has a front compartment for charms (with a removable liner I'm assuming so you can easily attach pins and stuff) as well as a huge compartment in the back.) I'm gonna treasure it forever!!

Lovely and huge

It was a lot bigger than I thought it was gonna be. Well made and super cute.

Mack Anderson
I love this bag!

Not only does it have enough space but it’s cute too! I was surprised of how big it was but it works as a good school bag. It even secures your pins so they won’t fall off.