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Matcha Midoriya Plush Doll


This sweet cinnamon roll bun bun is looking for a loving and forever home. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that no two plushies will look EXACTLY the same, which means that you can be sure to own a unique one of a kind plushie! There may be some irregularities found on the plushies. There also could be some unevenness found on the embroidery and the clothes. 


♡ Matcha Midoriya is around 8 inches tall (20 cm). 

♡ Matcha Midoriya loves boba tea, anything soft, and his mom's homemade matcha cake.

♡ He loves hanging out with his besties, Strawberry Shortcake Shoto and Caramel Corn Katsuki.

♡ His favorite thing to do is go on adventures with his All Might Plushie.

♡ He is filled with curiosity about everything and will ask you a million questions.

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Customer Reviews

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Literally the best <3

I cried when I saw him, not even joking. He's absolutely perfect and the little bunny ears are just too cute!! His eyes are gorgeous and the minky fabric used for his hair/ears is so soft!! I did have to re-squish his head the right way but thats just due to shipping.
I'm literally so happy and I will take him everywhere with me. Thank you so much for such an adorable little guy!! <3

Andrea Sanchez
Better than I expected

I am so happy I ordered this Deku plush. The craftmanship is so good and it's adorable. I will definitely be ordering from this shop again! Can't let this guy be lonely!

Mellanie Benito
Adorable Fluffy Bunny

IM IN LOVE WITH MY DEKU! The design is well thought of and unique! Loved the bookbag that he came with , really gave the whole vibe of Izuku 💕🐇


This literally came so fast! I am so happy with both of the outfits I bought and couldn’t have asked for anything better! This is the best plushie I own!!


I love him so much 🥺 Aside from his notebook breaking off the strap in shipping, he came in perfect condition! I love his outfit and he is such wonderful company ♥️ I ordered him with Tamaki and Kirishima and cannot wait to get Katsuki and Shoto when they come back in stock!!