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Red Riot Raspberry Ice Cream Plushie Keychain


Ice cream Kirishima and Ice cream Amajiki were brought to life by Orange Creamsicle Fatgum in his ice cream shop. They were made with ice cream, magic dust and lots of love. You can always find them helping Fatgum create new yummy ice cream recipes in his ice cream shop.

♡ Red Riot's ice cream flavor is raspberry.

♡ He is 6 inches tall and does not come out of his ice cream cone. 

Red Riot is ready to accompany you on all your adventures. This lil ice cream cone can be clipped to your purse, backpack, tote bag, or the Fatgum Ita Bag! 

Heyitsbumblebee x Agi Jagi Shop

Customer Reviews

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My heart ❤

This plush is so cute and so well made. It's my new favorite thing and I always keep him close ❤. I love having my own little Kirishima.

Kiripima 🥺

I seriously cannot get over his little face. Everything about him is so cute and he is very well made. His clip is super sturdy so where ever you decide to clip him on to — he won’t be going anywhere!

Magnum Ice Cream Could Never

When I received this cutie, I was so surprised about how SOFT he is! You can have this baby beside you or you can hang him on your bag with the beautiful keychain clasp that he comes with! If you get Caramel Katsuki, it only makes sense to adopt his bestie as well ;)