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Caramel Corn Katsuki Plush Doll

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that no two plushies will look EXACTLY the same, which means that you can be sure to own a unique one of a kind plushie! There may be some irregularities found on the plushies. There also could be some unevenness found on the embroidery and the clothes. 

This baby Pomeranian is looking for a loving and forever home! He may be easily angered and get aggressive at times, but he has a major soft side and is extremely loyal and loving. 


♡ This baby is around 8 inches tall (20 cm). 

♡ He determined to become the cutest hero ever! 

♡ He hates being mistaken for a cat. He is a Pomeranian puppy. 

♡ He sleeps with a nightlight on, not because he's scared or anything, baka!

♡ He makes fun of Shiggy for wearing a diaper.

♡ He is going through a phase where he hates wearing clothes.  

♡ He actually doesn't know how to read, he's just memorized a lot of words.

♡ He is secretly very good at dancing.  


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Customer Reviews

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Mariah Phillips
Just as fierce as the real deal

He is too cute, and I love how pretty his eyes are!
Plus look at him with his friends and peers, he really stands out from the rest; but for once it's not due to his quirk; or explosive personality!

Instead it's due to the well done character design for this plushie, it really depicts Bakugo really well beyond that vivid yellow hair!


So glad I was able to grab one of these before they were gone! He’s just so squishable!

Tyler Danforth

Caramel Corn Katsuki Plush Doll

Little Baby Kacchan

He’s just literal perfection! I love love love him! I was on the fence about adopting him with the puppy ears but I am so glad I did! His hair, his face, and his outfits are all just wonderfully made. I’ve already adopted 4 other plushie and so what’s one more? Definitely will be getting more in the future! ☺️


Absolutely adorable. (Sad I missed out on the Toddler version.) He is so soft and too cute with his pouty/grumpy face.😾 Can't wait to see what other designs are coming so that I can get him friends.😻