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Half and Half Idol Enamel Pin


♡ This 3 inch pin features idol Shoto's airport fashion

♡ black nickel

♡ hard enamel

♡ red and white rubber clutch backings

♡ Includes an engraved backstamp for authenticity

♡ Colors may vary between your monitor's colors and the physical product

♡ trimnie x Agi Jagi Shop


DISCLAIMER: Please note that all enamel pins are handmade, and most pins will come with small imperfections.


Imperfections and defects present in these pins may include:

Small specs of dust in the design

Small imperfections in the metal plating

Light scratches

Small chips in the enamel

Minor areas of missing filling

Minor imperfections or offsets in screen-printed details

Screen-printed details may overlap with the metal plating. This is common for screen-printed details placed close to the raised metal/zinc alloy outlines.

Small dark specs in glitter

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Estephany Lopez
Beautiful Pin Idol Shoto

Lovely design, excellent quality and beautifully done. I love it so much! That I ordered again other stuffs!

Autumn Erban

He’s so cute!!