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Matcha Midoriya Plush Doll


This sweet cinnamon roll bun bun is looking for a loving and forever home. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that no two plushies will look EXACTLY the same, which means that you can be sure to own a unique one of a kind plushie! There may be some irregularities found on the plushies. There also could be some unevenness found on the embroidery and the clothes. 


♡ Matcha Midoriya is around 8 inches tall (20 cm). 

♡ Matcha Midoriya loves boba tea, anything soft, and his mom's homemade matcha cake.

♡ He loves hanging out with his besties, Strawberry Shortcake Shoto and Caramel Corn Katsuki.

♡ His favorite thing to do is go on adventures with his All Might Plushie.

♡ He is filled with curiosity about everything and will ask you a million questions.

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Customer Reviews

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The sweetest, cuddliest little bun.

So when I placed my order back in late April I was only planning on getting Caramel Corn Katsuki… but upon seeing this smiley little man, I couldn’t resist.

He is incredibly soft and cuddly, his outfits are adorable and well-made, and I LOVE his dorky little face. The adoption certificate (not pictured, but adorable and high quality) and the two extra stickers I recieved are simply to die for. Everything about this little dude is cuddly, adorable and amazing. If you’re thinking about purchasing him, or are on the fence, I highly recommend this shop. Quality products for a great price! 💚

Worth the wait

This little guy was out of stock for a while, but was definitely worth the wait. Obviously made with love, and a keen attention to detail. 10/10.

Makayla McLeod
Lil Bunny

Now my bakugo plush has his childhood friend/rival by his side competing on who's cuter! I'm not gonna lie, I kept playing with the bunny ears, they're so soft to the touch; the backpack is a nice touch so I can put his little items inside so I dont lose them. 💚💚

Stephanie Adolph
Adorable as Hecky

I love the details on both Matcha Midoriya and Strawberry Shouto!! I can see all the love and care that went into making them look perfect!!!

The cutest plush!!!

I had been waiting for the Matcha Midoriya plush to be restocked and was so happy to be able to purchase it!!! He is so soft and the details in the plush and clothing are the absolute cutest!! He fits perfectly with my small Midoriya plush collection!!