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Suneater Black Raspberry Ice Cream Plushie Keychain


Ice cream Amajiki and Ice cream Kirishima were brought to life by Orange Creamsicle Fatgum in his ice cream shop. They were made with ice cream, magic dust, and lots of love. You can always find them helping Fatgum create new yummy ice cream recipes in his ice cream shop.

♡ Suneater's ice cream flavor is black raspberry.

♡ He is 6 inches tall and does not come out of his ice cream cone. 

Suneater is ready to accompany you on all your adventures. This lil ice cream cone can be clipped to your purse, backpack, tote bag, or the Fatgum Ita Bag! 


heyitsbumblebee x Agi Jagi Shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Precious Cone

I absolutely love it!!!! So cute

Allison Bush

My friend is going to love this!! Absolutely adorable.

Teeny SunEater

He’s so adorable and just like little red riot — very well made. All the details on him are so cool and really well done!

Lyna B
love this so much!

This is the first item I purchased from this shop back in October and I am so happy with it! He's super soft and fluffy and the details are great! He's so round and squishy! I carry him everywhere I go be it on my backpack or small bag because he's too irresistible to leave at home. I'd definitely 10/10 recommend buying Ice Cream Tamaki!

Katie V
I love this shop so much!

I left a review on the other Tamaki plush but I had to for this one. I love the details of the candy on his head and his little bow is adorable. He is perfect on the purse I carry everyday whenever I go out. I have bought so many things from this shop since I found it back in August of 2020 and I have many good things to say :)