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Toddler Matcha Midoriya Plush Doll (3 ft tall)


Our Toddler plushies are our jumbo sized plushies. These babies are almost 3 feet (90 cm) tall and weigh around 4 pounds! They come with two different outfits.

This sweet cinnamon roll bun bun is looking for a loving and forever home. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that no two plushies will look EXACTLY the same, which means that you can be sure to own a unique one of a kind plushie! There may be some irregularities found on the plushies. There also could be some unevenness found on the embroidery and the clothes. 


♡ Matcha Midoriya loves boba tea, anything soft, and his mom's homemade matcha cake. 

♡ He loves hanging out with his besties, Strawberry Shortcake Shoto and Caramel Corn Katsuki.

♡ His favorite thing to do is go on adventures with his All Might Plushie. You can fit his All Might Plushie and his notebook into his All Might boba backpack!

♡ He is filled with curiosity about everything and will ask you a million questions.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stevon Walker
Love Him

Izuku is so soft and comfy to cuddle. I’ve been cuddling him since I got him. But I also have to cuddle Katsuki lol. I recommend getting one if you wanna soft cuddle buddy

Happy Birthday to Me

Izuku you could say is my #1 have everything Midoriya (including a 1/2 sleeve tattoo) this tops all my Midoriya merch he's adorable, soft, perfect for cuddling,and the best sleeping pillow. He is my new prized possession, thank you for making something that a nerd like me can cuddle while enjoying my favorite show! I'll love him forever 💚

Theodore mackillop

He's huge, soft, and gorgeously detailed, very much worth it. He sits up above my pillows. He's everything ive been wanting in a deku plush since i fell in love with mha!

Allison Kepley
Cuddle Bug

This has to be the best purchase I have ever gotten!! Deku is probably my most favorite character of all time so I was super happy when I heard Maggie was making a toddler version of him. I was concerned about how soft he was going to be from all his accessories but his mask is very soft. I freaking love cuddling with him in bed. Much like Bakugou and the other toddler plushies, Izuku is both pillow and cuddle partner and his accessories make the purchase totally worth it. One of his casual outfits pant-legs was a little less stitched together and some of the Velcro on his belt and mask were a bit loose, but it's nothing a little stitch and glue can't fix. All in all, totally worth the money.

Melissa Hernandez
perfect cuddling size!!

i am so happy with him!! i waited a long time for him to be on sale after finding out there’d be a toddler deku and it was so worth it! he’s super soft and makes for the perfect pillow!! he also arrived REALLY fast! thank you so much!!:)